Product Overview
This comprehensive Software Product was designed with the intent of managing Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Short Stay properties, as well as Municipalities with rental properties.

As an ideal solution for Social Housing NPO’s, Golf Estates, Estate Agents, Holiday Resorts, Body Corporates and Utility management companies, this product is feature-rich and easy to use.

Novtel Property Management Software offers the user a complete built-in utility management system and property maintenance program, seamlessly tracking damage and repairs to each unit, in addition to short and long term deposits.

This product is furthermore equipped with remote and direct link from the levy account / rental contract to the Novtel Access Control System of the facility on-site.
Novtel Property Management
Key Features
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner & Xpress
  • Manage Landlords and Tenant Rental Contracts
  • Track short and long term deposits
  • Bulk invoicing and receipting via Sage Evolution, Pastel or Xpress
  • Manage Agency Trust Accounts
  • Control maintenance with our Work Order processing system
  • Separate Utilities Support Product
  • Flexible forms designer for customized documents
  • Optional linked Security and Access Control System
Lite vs Full Version
Novtel Property Management Software is available in a:
  1. Lite Version: With limitations. Free 30-day trial period
  2. Professional Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress integration
  3. Ultimate Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Evolution integration
For a more detailed Lite vs Full Version Comparison, click here.
  • Software upgrades can be downloaded free of charge
  • Always ensure that there is a back-up of data before any upgrade begins
  • The application must be run as an Administrator (right click on Icon and run as Administrator)
  • To subscribe and receive notifications of the latest product upgrades as they are released, click here.