Product Overview
Novtel's highly advanced Access Control System supports and interfaces to Novtel's Property Management Software, Novtel Self-Storage Rental Software, Novtel Hospitality Management Software, as well as Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner and Pastel Xpress Accounting Software products.

Managed by the active rental agreements in the system, access to a facility is automatically enabled or denied based on accounts paid.

Carefully developed alongside our in-house electronic engineers, Novtel manufactures both the Access Control hardware and related software system which allows for proximity, as well as fingerprint access control.
Novtel Access Control
Key Features
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner & Xpress
  • Novtel Property Management, Novtel Hospitality Management and Novtel Self-Storage Rental Software
  • Access control is driven automatically by Novtel's rental / levy collection system
  • Allows for proximity as well as fingerprint access control