Novtel Consulting Agents
Suitable for the entrepreneurial spirited, aspiring or experienced, our Agent program provides driven individuals - worldwide - with the opportunity to become professional Consultants. Whether you would like to embark on a new career, or simply expand your company's current service offering, you can sign up and get started today.

Successful applicants will become part of the Novtel team and receive exclusive access to substantially discounted online software courses, practical on-site training; expert advice and support; and information of referrals and/or prospective Clients in your area.
How to Qualify as a Novtel Consulting Agent
To qualify as a prospective Novtel Consulting Agent, interested persons will be required to complete the following three self-paced courses, offered online by Novtel:
  1. Sage Bookkeeping Basics online course (Beginner level)
  2. Sage Pastel Accounting Partner online course (Intermediate level)
  3. Novtel Property Management online course (Beginner level)
For an once-off training fee of R 2,500 - prospective Consulting Agents will receive full access to all three the above accredited online certification courses; including access to instructional training videos and case studies, supporting training material and certification exams; full online-, telephonic- and remote support; educational software; and continuous mentoring by our Novtel experts, valued at over R 25,000.

By providing prospective Novtel Agents with an affordable and flexible training solution during this initial stage, we are able to identify our keen and capable Consultants, with whom we are excited to continue this journey.
Agent Income Structure
Once you have successfully completed the above training, you will be invited to participate in online Novtel Software demo's and Novtel Software product implementations, performed by our Novtel experts, at the premises of any new Client/s in your region. During this stage, you will be given the opportunity to gain the practical knowledge, on-site experience and confidence to systematically support our existing Clients; and start to source new Clients, in your area.

From here, you will generate commission per Novtel Software sale completed. As your involvement and time spent on software implementation and support increases, so will your level of potential income, based on the income tier illustrated in our
Novtel Consulting Agent Renumeration Structure*:
Agent Agreement
To request the Novtel Consulting Agent agreement; or for any further queries or assistance, please e-mail us your details, location and a brief introduction/company overview by clicking on the 'Apply Here' button, below: