Novtel Referral Agents
Suitable for individuals or businesses who would like to market our products and/or online Sage Pastel courses to their existing networks and client bases, our Referral program is a quick and simple way to generate additional income without any qualifying training requirements, or Client involvement.

Interested parties can apply to become a registered Novtel Software Referral Agent and/or Novtel Training Referral Agent; and earn commission for each successful sale resulting from a referral by you.

Simply send the referred party's information to us (if related to Novtel Software), or ensure that the referred party applies your registered Referral Agent Code during online checkout (if related to Online Training); and let us do the rest.
How to Qualify as a Novtel Software and/or Novtel Training Referral Agent
No registration fees or qualifying purchases apply to new Referral Agents.

However, should you wish to enrol for the online training courses yourself (optional), approved Referral Agents can benefit from a substantial once-off course discount.

This opportunity will enable you to market our online courses based on your personal training experience; and assist you in developing your unique referral strategies, accordingly.
Referral Incentive Structure
Approved Novtel Software Referral Agents can earn up to R 2,000 commission per referral resulting in a successful Novtel product / module sale.

Approved Novtel Training Referral Agents can earn up to R 1,400 commission per online Sage Pastel course sold, when their unique Referral Agent Code was applied by the student during online checkout.
Join us today
If you wish to register as a Referral Agent, or for any further information or assistance, please e-mail us your details, location and a brief introduction/company overview to