Product Overview
Novtel Self-Storage rental management software was developed specifically for the effective management of storage rental units and is equipped with multi-branch setup and tracking capabilities, as well as centralised accounting.

Novtel Self-Storage offers the user a fully integrated Point of Sale system for managing front desk and storage retail shops. In addition, gate access to facilities are successfully managed by the active agreements in the system as our highly advanced Access Control System automatically denies access to a facility if accounts are not paid.

This product is further equipped with a rent-it-yourself, fully integrated web-based solution that manages all rental activities through the web, such as unit size availability, rental agreements, rental invoices, statements and online payments.
Novtel Self Storage
Key Features
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner & Xpress
  • Multi-branch setup and tracking capabilities
  • Fully integrated Point of Sale system
  • Fully integrated and automatic gate Access Control System
  • Rent-it-yourself web based solution
  • Manages rental agreements, invoices, statements and online payments
Lite vs Full Version
Novtel Self-Storage Rental Software is available in a:
  1. Lite Version: With limitations. Free 30-day trial period
  2. Professional Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress integration
  3. Ultimate Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Evolution integration
For a more detailed Lite vs Full Version Comparison, click here.
  • Software upgrades can be downloaded free of charge
  • Always ensure that there is a back-up of data before any upgrade begins
  • The application must be run as an Administrator (right click on Icon and run as Administrator)
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