Software Licensing
Licensing for the use of Novtel's Software Products can be purchased as a Software as a Product (SaaP) solution, as described below. To discuss the possibility of an alternative purchasing option such as Software as a Service (SaaS), please contact us.
Software as a Product
This option is known as the traditional way of acquiring Software and is usually the preferred choice for a Company which already has an in-house or outsourced IT department responsible for providing and maintaining their own IT infrastructure on-site. The SaaP solution is especially well suited for high volume operations where data is processed every minute (utilising our Point of Sale or Central Reservations Systems, for example).

In this instance, the Client will be required to purchase a license to use a Novtel Software solution which they will host themselves. The Client pays a once-off Administration fee, Registration fee per workstation and Sage Pastel/Evolution Interface fee. Thereafter, a monthly Novtel cover/rental fee per workstation will apply.

Novtel performs the software installation and setup on-site on the Client's server and workstations, after which all computer maintenance, installations and upgrades of operating systems and applications, daily back-ups, security and more, remains the responsibility of the Client.

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