Product Overview
Manage entire rental fleets, whether it be trucks, trailers, cars, busses, motorcycles, or even sub-hired or courtesy vehicles. For larger organizations such as Municipalities, the control of internal pool fleets are also easily achieved.

Novtel Vehicle Hire Software stores critical vehicle information such as the original purchase price, replacement value, manufacturer, model, make, date of purchase, license disc expiry date and kilometre reading; and automatically reminds you when a license is about to expire, or when the vehicle's next service is due.

Not only does it include a powerful feature offering central reservations, but are rental agreements produced in seconds and allows for up to 3 additional drivers per rental agreement. The system is also equipped with complete vehicle damage tracking and an integrated repair system.
Novtel Vehicle Hire
Key Features
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sage Evolution, Pastel Partner & Xpress
  • Stores critical vehicle information
  • Reminders for license disc expiry and services due
  • Produces rental agreements, delivery notes and invoices
  • Complete vehicle damage tracking and integrated repair system
  • Automated commission management system
  • Manage vehicle movements between branches with ease
  • Courtesy vehicle management
  • Flexible forms designer for customized documents
Lite vs Full Version
Novtel Vehicle Hire Software is available in a:
  1. Lite Version: With limitations. Free 30-day trial period
  2. Professional Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Pastel Partner & Xpress integration
  3. Ultimate Version: Full functionality, offering Sage Evolution integration
For a more detailed Lite vs Full Version Comparison, click here.
  • Software upgrades can be downloaded free of charge
  • Always ensure that there is a back-up of data before any upgrade begins
  • The application must be run as an Administrator (right click on Icon and run as Administrator)
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