1. Accreditations

Is Novtel authorised to provide training in Sage Pastel?

Yes. Novtel is an Authorised Sage Pastel Training Centre (ATC). As a result:

  • Our online Sage Pastel courses are supported by original printed Sage Pastel Training Manuals, which a learner will receive by post
  • During the final step of your course, you will be directed to the official Sage Pastel website where you will write your final online assessment
  • Fasset Accredited Certification is issued to the learner, directly by Sage Pastel
What is the meaning of Fasset Accredited Certification?

Fasset is the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services.

Fasset continually monitors the delivery of quality assurance with respect to the courses for which Sage Pastel has been accredited. As a result, training attendees who pass their Sage Pastel assessments will gain credits toward a formal qualification and will (South African) employers be eligible to claim back the training costs in line with South Africa's Skills Development Levy Act.

What does a Sage Pastel certification confirm?
  • A Sage Pastel certification allows employees to apply their skills immediately after completing accreditation training
  • It's a globally accepted means of assessing an essential set of abilities
  • When employees are confident using Sage Pastel, they will deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer
  • A Sage Pastel certificate is evidence that an employee is competent enough to perform the tasks assigned to him/her
  • Certification shows the determination and ability of an employee to complete a task
What is the benefit of obtaining Novtel certification?

Novtel is the sole provider of Certification training in Novtel™ Software Products.

When issued by us, a Novtel Software Course Certificate will confirm the level of competency achieved by a learner in using the Novtel Software Product according to Novtel's standards and requirements. Obtaining Novtel Certification also assures an Employer that the employee is confident in using the full potential of the Software; and is therefore likely to deliver a significant return on investment back to their Employer.

Novtel Certification is non-accredited.

2. Course Entry Requirements

What do I need to be able to participate in an online course?

To participate in an online training course, a Learner must be at least 16 years of age and will be required to have the following:

  • Access to a computer with a CD/DVD drive and audio capabilities
  • Access to the internet, with a guaranteed connection speed of at least 2 Mbps
  • A current e-mail account
  • A basic level of computer & Maths literacy
  • A good command of the English language
  • A PDF reader installed on the device (such as Adobe Reader)
What prerequisites apply to the Bookkeeping Basics course?

This is a Beginner level course and therefore no prerequisites apply. This course is suited for anyone who has limited, or no prior knowledge of the Basics of Bookkeeping, or who wishes to refresh their knowledge of Bookkeeping acquired at school level.

(We do advise that a Learner is at least 16 years of age, in which case the online Terms & Conditions must be agreed to by the minor's parent or legal guardian.)

What prerequisites apply to the Sage Pastel Partner course?

This is an Intermediate level course. Sufficient knowledge of, or a qualification in the Basics of Bookkeeping is required before enroling for this course.

Should you have acquired knowledge of Bookkeeping at school level, you may benefit immensely from a refresher course such as our Bookkeeping Basics video course, before starting your training in Pastel Partner.

Why not take advantage of our discounted Sage Pastel Course Bundle, which allows you to purchase both the Bookkeeping Basics (Beginner) and Sage Pastel Partner (Intermediate) courses simultaneously at a discounted price? To be completed within a 6 months access period.

What prerequisites apply to the Novtel Software Product courses?

It is strongly recommended that learners have sufficient knowledge of and/or qualification in the following courses, prior to enroling for a Novtel Software product course:

Novtel Software product courses are currently being developed for the following user levels, each level being a prerequisite for the next:

  1. Beginner
  2. Advanced
  3. Sage Pastel Partner Integration
  4. Sage Evolution Integration
  5. Novtel Certified Installer (NCI)

3. Course Delivery Method

Do I need internet access to register and complete a course?

Yes. All our short courses are offered online via our website, making internet access an essential requirement for registration and viewing of course content.

For optimal viewing of online videos, an internet connection speed of at least 2Mbps is required. However, a complimentary USB drive is now also included in your course material, allowing a student to conveniently access and view the videos in an offline mp4 format as well.

For optimal viewing of videos online, please click here for more information.

Can I complete a course from home, no matter where I live?

Yes. As our courses are produced and supported in an online format, you are able to complete the course from the comfort of your own home or office and from any country in the world, as long as you have access to the internet, a computer with audio capabilities and a current e-mail account.

When are courses scheduled to start?

All our online courses are self-paced. This means that a learner can enrol and start at any time. Each learner's access to a course will be valid from the date of purchase. Once activated, you will be able to study and make progress at your own pace and according to your own time schedule within the course access period.

I prefer one-on-one training. Do you offer this option?

One-on-one and/or on-site Sage Pastel Partner training could be considered if you are located close to the Novtel Head Office in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Please e-mail us at to discuss your specific training needs.

4. Course Access Period

For how long will I be able to access my course online?

Access to an online short course is usually permitted for a period of 3 consecutive months; and may vary from course to course. Depending on the payment method used, the access period will start immediately from the date on which the course payment was received/cleared by Novtel.

Is the course access period an indication of how long it will take to complete the course/s?

No. The course access period allocated to a specific course (e.g. 3 months) or Course Bundle (e.g. 6 months), is simply the amount of time the learner will have in which to complete the course/s before online access to the course material expires.

Learners can easily complete a course in a much shorter period of time depending on the learner's studying pace, ability to grasp the content; and how much available time is spent on working through the course material.

What happens if my course access period expires before I have completed the course?

It is the responsibility of the learner to ensure that the course has been completed before the course access period expires.

Once the course access period has expired (e.g. after 3 months); no access to the course (i.e. course videos, files, quizzes or exams) will be permitted. This will result in a complete course re-registration and full payment if the student wishes to continue with the course.

5. Course Content (General)

How do I access my course material?

Once a course is purchased and payment has been verified by us, you will be able to access the online course material immediately via our website by signing in to your Novtel Student account.

The student's supporting course material (e.g. printed training manual and USB drive, as applicable) will be dispatched via courier immediately.

Are any courses available in a language other than English?

No. All training content and online support are available in English only.

Training e-file documents - what can I expect?

Comprising written content (in English) and screenshot images of the applicable Software product/s, our comprehensive e-file training modules can be viewed online via our website from any device which supports PDF viewing.

Training videos - what can I expect?

Novtel's training videos can be viewed online via our website; or offline via a complimentary USB flash drive, for as many times as you wish within your course access period.

Novtel captures the core of a learning unit in each video it produces; with an average viewing time of approximately 10-15 minutes per video. By combining visual effects, software demonstrations (where applicable) and English audio in each of our training videos, we can offer Learners a convenient and captivating learning experience.

All our training videos were produced, tested and verified to play seamlessly at a high quality of 720p when a guaranteed internet connection speed of at least 2Mbps is maintained. For more information on the requirements for optimal viewing of videos online, please click here. However, if your internet connection speed does not allow for optimal viewing of your course videos online, simply view the videos offline from the complimentary USB flash drive provided.

Do I need to submit any written assignments during an online course?

No written assignments are required during any of our online courses. A learner may however be required to complete self-assessment quizzes as he/she progresses through a course. These quizzes will be completed online and will not count towards the final pass mark.

Will I have to write an exam at the end of a course?

Yes. To achieve certification a learner will be required to write an exam before their course access period expires. All assessments are to be written online; and can therefore be completed from home; or at any location where access to the internet is available.

6. Course Content (Sage Pastel)

What supporting documentation is provided when enroling for a course?

Soon after enroling for an accredited Sage Pastel video short course, an original printed Sage Pastel Training Manual, including a data disc and/or Sage Pastel Partner Educational software installation DVD, will be dispatched and delivered to you via courier.

These Training Manuals are used in conjunction with the course videos and are required when preparing for your final Sage Pastel online assessment/exam.

NEW! In addition to the above, the learner will now also receive a complimentary USB flash drive - containing the relevant course videos in mp4 fomat - for offline viewing during your course access period.

I don't have Pastel Partner software. Can I still enrol for the course?

Yes! Included in your printed Sage Pastel Training Manual, you will receive a complementary Sage Pastel Partner Educational Version installation disc, which you can install on your computer for the purpose of this course. This Educational version will remain active for a limited period of time or 2 500 transactions, whichever comes first.

How will I go about completing the course content relevant to a Sage Pastel course?

For each of the 12 learning modules, the learner will be expected to:

  1. Complete the online content first, by:
    • Watching the short step-by-step video/s (also available offline via a complimentary USB drive)
    • Performing the same activity as demonstrated in the video, in your educational version of Pastel Partner (not applicable to Bookkeeping Basics course)
    • Complete a self-assessment quiz, as many times as you wish
  2. Once all the online Modules have been completed, start to review your printed training manual.

As the layout of the Lessons in the printed manual will differ from that of the online content (providing you with a second perspective of the subject matter) simply start at Lesson 1, and work your way through the printed manual. The learner will then have the option of completing a new set of additional activities from the printed manual as well.

Once all online and printed content has been covered, the learner will pepare for and write the final online assessment/exam to achieve certification.

Is the course access period an indication of how long it will take to complete the course/s?

No. The course access period allocated to a specific course (e.g. 3 months) or Course Bundle (e.g. 6 months), is simply the amount of time the learner will have in which to complete the course/s before online access to the course material expires.

Learners can easily complete a course in a much shorter period of time depending on the learner's studying pace, ability to grasp the content; and how much available time is spent on working through the course material.

What is a Sage Pastel Course Bundle?

An online Sage Pastel Course Bundle consists of 2 courses which are sold as a unit to a single Learner at a discounted price.

A 6 month access period applies to the Course Bundle as a whole. As long as you complete both the Bookkeeping Basics Beginner and Pastel Partner Intermediate courses before the access period expires, you will have full control of your studying pace.

For example, should you complete the first Beginner course within the first 2 months of your course access period, you will still have 4 months remaining in which to complete the second Intermediate course of this Bundle.

What happens if I fail my Sage Pastel final exam?

Sage Pastel allows for one free exam attempt; and the option of registering a second exam attempt at an additional fee. Thereafter, a learner will be required to enrol for the course again.

A quote for a second exam attempt may be requested directly from Novtel by e-mailing us at The quoted fee will be for the issuing of a second Pastel exam serial number only; and does not in any way extend your course access period.

7. Course Instructors and Student Support

Who is the Course Instructor?

Our certified Trainer and Course Instructor, Mr Johan Gräbe, is the founder and CEO of the Novtel Group. Johan has more than 25 years of experience as an Accountant, Sage Pastel Accounting 3rd Party Developer, Value Added Re-seller, Endorsed 3rd Party Vendor, Trainer and an innovative software Developer.

Having had developed numerous financial systems over the years for a vast variety of businesses all over the world; and providing the necessary training to employees to ensure the successful implementation thereof, Johan is very much in tune with the essence of accounting, accounting Software and the related training demands.

All Sage Pastel video training courses have been developed in line with the requirements of Sage Pastel, a division of Sage (Pty) Ltd.

Will I be able to communicate with the Course Instructor during the course?

Of course! You will receive unlimited online and telephonic support by a certified Sage Pastel Trainer during your course access period within Novtel office hours. We can even arrange to assist you on your own computer by means of a remote support session via 'TeamViewer'. This free online application will allow us to provide a live demonstration, explanation or assistance no matter where you are.

8. Student Registration and Payment

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices indicated are inclusive of VAT.

How do I enrol for an online course?
  1. Proceed to our website and visit the Online Training > Courses page.
  2. Simply select the relevant course and the preferred pricing option and click on the 'Add to Shopping Cart' button. This action will result in the selected product being stored in your Shopping Cart.
  3. You will then be prompted to sign in to your existing Student account; or create a new account.
  4. Confirm your order. If you have a Novtel promotional/discount code, please apply this here.
  5. Proceed to confirm your Student Registration details. Once you have accepted our online training Terms and Conditions, you will be able to select your preferred method of payment and complete your order.
How do I pay for an online course?

During online checkout, the following methods of payment will be presented to you:

  1. The first will allow for immediate online payment using your VISA/MasterCard via our secure online PayGate payment portal. Upon successful payment, immediate access to your training product will be authorised automatically.
  2. The second payment option will allow for a Bank Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Our banking details will be provided here. Access to your online course will be activated as soon as payment was verified by Novtel's financial department (please allow 2-3 working days).
  3. Payment by a Sponsor (e.g. employer, spouse, parent, etc) is also available. Simply provide the sponsor's e-mail address here to ensure that the person responsible for payment, receives a copy of the Order via e-mail.
What is the benefit of purchasing a Course Bundle?

An online Course Bundle consists of 2 or more related courses which are sold as a unit to a single Learner at a discounted price, allowing the Learner to save on his training purchase.

Longer access periods apply to a Course Bundle as a whole. As long as you complete all the courses within the bundle before the access period expires, you will have full control of your studying pace.

When can I use a Novtel discount/promotional code?

Only if a valid discount/promotional code is entered during online checkout via our website, can discount be applied to your order. No discount will be applied after payment has been made.

Find out if any training promotions are currently running (prior to payment) by e-mailing us at

I have seen a lower price advertised for the same course. Can you match the same price?

Yes. Allow us to match a lower price advertised or quoted for by e-mailing us at Our price matching criteria can be viewed here. Terms & conditions apply.

9. School Discounts

What can Novtel offer our School?

We can offer your Learners the opportunity to become certified in Sage Pastel Accounting Partner software at a substantial discount from the standard Pastel Course Fee rates.

As Novtel's FASSET accredited short courses are delivered online and consist of short, step-by-step instructional videos, practical activities, interactive quizzes, a printed training manual, installation disc and online support, it is a very convenient and suitable method for educating Learners as young as Grade 11 and 12.

If your School wishes to provide Pastel training to Learners, but do not have the resources to do so, Novtel's external course offering may be the perfect solution.

What is a School Discount Code?

Upon application, a School Discount Code is issued by Novtel directly to a School. Each Learner who applies this code during online checkout, automatically qualifies to purchase an online course at a substantial discount from the standard Pastel course fee rates.

To apply for a School Discount Code, or for more information, please send us an email to

Will my School be obligated or responsible for training in any way?

No. Training is provided by Novtel as the online Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre; and not by your School. The extent to which your School wishes to guide an enrolled Learner/s, is entirely up to you.

Learner registration, course payments, Parent communication and Student support are all administered by and attended to directly by Novtel.