Pastel Accounting Partner as an external course offering to Learners
If your School is in need of providing formal training to Learners in Pastel Partner Accounting Software, but you do not have the time or resources to offer the training yourself as a Pastel Certified Schools Programme (CSP) Provider, you may consider using an external training provider such as Novtel.

Novtel is an experienced Sage Pastel Business Partner and Authorised Training Centre (ATC), offering FASSET accredited Pastel short courses for anyone to take.

As our courses are delivered online and consist of short, step-by-step instructional videos, practical activities, interactive quizzes, a printed manual, installation disc and online support, it is a very convenient and suitable method for educating Learners as young as Grade 11 & 12.
What we can do for your School
Novtel can offer your Learners the opportunity to become certified in Sage Pastel Accounting Partner software at a substantial discount from the standard Pastel Course Fee rates.

Allow your Learners to leap into their future one step ahead of their peers by presenting them with a more affordable opportunity to become competent in the Number 1 required Bookkeeping skill in South Africa - even before they matriculate.
How it works
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If you are a School, Educator, Parent or Learner who wishes to qualify and benefit from the Schools discount offering, contact us today for more information by clicking on the applicable link below:
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