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Novtel Software | Basics Course
Novtel Relations Management

Get started with Novtel Relations Management by learning more about the basic features and processes made possible with this user-friendly software product.

Learn how to manage communications with Customers, Suppliers and Employees, set up the auto reminder system, track complete and incomplete tasks and task history, filter records, send bulk e-mails and sms's; and more.

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Beginner - Intermediate
3 Months Online
Step-by-step videos
Educational Software
Certificate by Novtel
Dedicated student support
R 3 500

Why should you enrol for this course?

Novtel is the sole provider of certification training in Novtel® Software Products.

When issued by us, a Novtel Software Course Certificate will confirm the level of competency achieved by an employee in using the Novtel Software Product according to Novtel's standards and requirements. Obtaining Novtel Certification also assures an employer that the employee is confident in using the full potential of the software; and is therefore likely to deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer.

Our courses can be purchased, invoiced, activated and completed on-demand, directly from our website.


Course Duration and Start Dates

You can register and start a course on any day of the year and complete the online learning content at your own pace. Depending on your available schedule, complete a course on a full- or part-time basis, within 3-months or less.


Who should enrol for this course?

This course is highly recommended for all individuals who operate Novtel Relations Management software in their company.

In line with our ‘train the trainer’ principle, at least one key Novtel user in a company will be required to enrol for this course to obtain in-depth Beginner to Intermediate level software product training. All additional Novtel users in a company are encouraged to complete this course to ensure that a high level of user competency is maintained.

This course is suitable for:

  • New employees (entry-level individuals to senior Management) who have no prior knowledge of Novtel Relations Management software
  • Existing employees (entry-level individuals to senior Management) who have had no formal training in Novtel Relations Management software
  • Novtel System Administrators, System Supervisors and Novtel Consulting Agents, as a prerequisite for more advanced training

Course Prerequistes

To enroll for this entry-level course, the user will require:

  • A basic level of computer literacy
  • Access to a computer/laptop with Windows operating system
  • Access to the internet
  • A current e-mail account
  • A good command of English

(Knowledge of Sage Pastel/Evolution or Bookkeeping is not required.)

Dedicated Support by Novtel

Students will receive unlimited student support for this course during Novtel office hours, for the duration of their course access period.

Course Content

This course consists of 9 online learning Modules which are divided into various tasks, such as:

  • Read one or more theory document (PDF), providing step-by-step screenshots and process explanations
  • Watch a course video providing in-depth instructions and explanations
  • Take an online self-assessment quiz, to test your knowledge of the Module completed

At the end of this course, successfully pass an online exam to achieve a Certificate of Competency in Novtel Relations Management
Software, issued by Novtel.


Course Index

Module 01: Introduction and Login Procedure Learn how to log in and out of the Novtel Relations Management system using a secure user password.
Module 02: Customer, Supplier and Prospect Accounts Learn how to create Customer, Supplier and Prospect Accounts and how to link dedicated statuses per account.
Module 03: Sending an Email and/or SMS The process of sending an email and/or SMS to a specific Account Holder, and all contact persons linked to the account, is demonstrated in this Module.
Module 04: Logging Notes on Phone Entries and Documents Per account, the User can save notes on Phone Conversations, other Notes, as well as Documents such as contracts, payments, receipts, etc.
Module 05: Flagging and Un-Flagging an Account Customer, Supplier and Prospect accounts can be ‘flagged’ and moved to the top of the list when specific actions are to be taken. When the action that caused the account to be flagged has been taken, the account is unflagged again.
Module 06: Search and Filtering Options There are various search methods available to access a single Customer, Supplier or Prospect Account to send an email and/or SMS. Learn how to perform the search and filtering options available.
Module 07: Scheduling Tasks and Setting Reminders Schedule and manage assigned tasks from the Novtel Relations Management System. Build a complete history of completed and uncompleted tasks per User.
Module 08: Importing Emails from Outlook to Relations Emails can be sent directly from Novtel Relations Management, and therefore it is also possible to import emails from Outlook to Relations to keep your communication organized per account.
Module 09: The Novtel Relations Management App Learn how to access and view existing desktop application information directly from the Novtel Relations Management Mobile App.
Final Exam: Novtel Course Exam Congratulations on reaching the final stage of this course.Upon successful completion of this online exam, you will achieve certification in Novtel Relations Management Software, confirming your competency as a beginner to intermediate level user in accordance with Novtel's standards and requirements.