Version TC04 [Issued 18-05-2016]


1. Agreement

  1. By registering a login account with Novtel via www.novtel.co.za, or by indicating your acceptance of this Agreement in any other way, you agree to the terms of this Agreement for Online Training.
  2. This is not a master agreement; each time you register for a course, you enter into a separate Agreement for that course subject to the terms of this Agreement.
  3. If there is any conflict between the contents of this document and the contents of the relevant course for which you register or any other of the documents that make up the Agreement, then the provisions of this document will prevail.
  4. If you are a minor (and therefore less than 18 years of age), you must obtain the assistance of an adult who is your parent or legal guardian for you to enter into this Agreement.

2. Novtel Property, Copyright and Permitted Use

2.1  Course Content and Delivery

Novtel’s online training videos, training material, student support and online learning platform are made available for use by a single student upon payment for educational purposes only, and will at all times remain the property and copyright of Novtel CC and may not in any way be copied, downloaded, duplicated, sold or distributed to a third party. Whether you pay a fee or not, you are not “buying” the course and can therefore not sell, give or give access to any of the learning material to anyone else.

2.2  Users

  1. As a registered Novtel Student, only you are allowed to purchase, view and participate in the course.
  2. As a registered Novtel Company, you will only be able to purchase, manage and allocate training products on behalf of your company to individual trainees in the form of Training Vouchers. You will not be able to view the course content or participate in the course from the aforementioned Novtel Company login zone.

3. Course Entry Requirements

3.1  General

To participate in any of Novtel’s online courses, you will require:

  1. Access to a computer with CD/DVD drive and audio capabilities
  2. Access to the internet with a guaranteed connection speed of at least 2Mbps
  3. A current e-mail account
  4. A basic level of computer and Maths literacy
  5. A good command of the English language

In addition to the above, a pre-requisite may apply to each course and will specified on the specific course page of our website.

3.2  Software and Additional Resources

You are required to obtain the necessary software and resources required to complete a course. We are not responsible for providing these additional requirements.

3.3  Internet connection speed requirements for optimal viewing of videos

  1. Novtel’s training videos were produced, tested and verified by our Developers to play seamlessly at a high quality of 720p when a guaranteed internet connection speed of at least 2Mbps is met.
  2. Novtel is not responsible for poor video display as a result of a User’s internet speed not meeting the minimum requirements for optimal viewing, as stipulated above.
  3. It is the responsibility of the user, not Novtel, to address any probable cause such as shared internet connections at time of viewing, internet usage peak times, poor speaker quality, audio settings, faulty computer/device or other when experiencing poor video quality.

4. Registration

  1. Students must register online via the Novtel website at www.novtel.co.za and may not register for a course without agreeing to the terms of this Agreement.
  2. The learner shall confirm that all Personal details and information provided to us during course registration and checkout, are true, correct and complete. Any changes required to personal details once registered, must be requested via the user’s ‘My Account’ tab and will be subject to approval.
  3. For authentication purposes, students will be required to provide their Identification (ID) or passport number.
  4. Learners are responsible for ensuring that they meet the course entry requirements as stipulated before enrolling for a course.
  5. Upon successful payment of a course (whether directly by the student; or by a Company), the access period which applies to the purchased course/s, starts immediately. No deferred registration requests will be permitted.

5. Payment, Refunds and Penalty Fees

  1. Only once full payment has been received by credit card, electronic funds transfer or by way of a bank deposit into a bank account nominated by us in writing, will you be allowed access to the registered course.
  2. Bank transfer, EFT and cheque deposits will result in a processing delay of approximately 2 to 10 working days. The course content will only be authorised and accessible online once the payment was cleared and could be verified by Novtel.
  3. PayGate (Pty) Ltd handles secure online payments on behalf of Novtel. To view PayGate’s security certificate and security policy, please visit www.paygate.co.za.
  4. Any alternative payment plans available to an individual at the time of course registration, will be course depending. If you select a payment plan, where this is permitted, and you fail to make payment as agreed, Novtel may suspend your access to the course material, in which case you will not be able to view the online course content until such time as the necessary payment has been made. Suspension of access to the course content will not in any way delay or halt your permitted course access period, it will simply mean that you will have less time in which to complete the course. If your permitted course access period reaches its expiry before you have made payment as agreed, you will be liable for the full amount owing on the course.
  5. Should you have a limited promotional or discount code, this will need to be inserted in the required field during online checkout on www.novtel.co.za for the discount to apply with immediate effect. No promotional or discount codes will be valid, or can a discount be conducted, or will a refund of such a discount amount be granted, once the course payment was processed.
  6. The price of courses is reflected in South African Rand, and no other currency will be accepted as payment from you unless otherwise stated during checkout.
  7. Payments made from any country which entails the levy of bank charges for payments made to us are liable for the bank charges associated with international transactions. You will be responsible for making provision for this additional cost when making payment to us.
  8. When making payment to us, you must ensure that your Training Order number is reflected as reference on your payment and is supported by a proof of payment to training@novtel.com from your bank, as we will not be held liable if we are unable to locate your payment and as a result, your online courses access is denied or delayed.
  9. Unless the contrary is stated, all listed Course Fees are inclusive of VAT.
  10. No refunds will be issued in any regard.
  11. If a learner has registered and paid for multiple courses simultaneously (including course bundles), each course may be an entry requirement for the following course. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the learner to complete each individual course successfully before starting with the following course. No refunds will be granted for paid courses not completed.
  12. Additional Novtel Exam attempts purchased online at an additional fee, will only be valid to purchase and complete during the Leaner’s course access period as per clause 10(b) of this Agreement. For such purchases made by EFT, the Learner will be responsible for ensuring that his remaining course access period allows enough time for payment verification, as stipulated in clause 5(b) above, in addition to the actual time required to complete the exam/s before course access expires.
  13. The learner will be subject to a fee for the re-issue of one (1) electronic Novtel Course Certificate, as per written request to training@novtel.com where:
    1. Printing errors occur. Novtel cannot be held liable for printing errors resulting from incorrect information provided to us during online checkout.
    2. Satisfactory evidence of destruction or irretrievable loss of the original Certificate is submitted, such as an affidavit signed and attested before a Commissioner of Oaths.
    3. Novtel reserves the right to decline such a correction request if fraudulent activity is suspected.
  14. The learner will be subject to a fee for the re-issue of one (1) printed Sage Pastel Training Manual, as per written request to training@novtel.com where:
    1. Delivered to an incorrect delivery address. Novtel cannot be held liable for manuals not received resulting from incorrect information provided to us during online checkout.
    2. You have chosen to nominate a third party to sign and receive your Training Manual on your behalf. Such instructions are at your own risk and we cannot be held liable for any loss or theft.
    3. Satisfactory evidence of destruction or irretrievable loss of the original manual is submitted, such as an affidavit signed and attested before a Commissioner of Oaths.
    4. Novtel reserves the right to decline such a re-issue request if fraudulent activity is suspected.

6. Training Vouchers

  1. Training purchases made from a Novtel Company Zone login account are automatically issued in the form of Training Vouchers.
  2. Training Vouchers must be managed and allocated by you, the Company, to individual students via the Company Login Zone on the Novtel website.
  3. Training Vouchers will be activated against the ID (identity) numbers provided by you during the online Novtel Training Voucher Allocation process. Once allocated, the course voucher cannot be transferred to another user.
  4. Novtel will not be liable for the loss of training vouchers as a result of incorrect allocation by you.
  5. Training Vouchers may not be redeemed for cash or any other product other than the online training product it was purchased for.
  6. The Training Vouchers will expire 90 days from date of purchase, and not from date of activation. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Vouchers are managed and allocated immediately after purchase to ensure that the allocated Students can register/sign in on the Novtel Student zone and start the course/s as soon as possible.
  7. All terms and conditions stated in this Agreement apply to the purchased training product, irrespective of whether it was purchased directly from the Student via the Novtel Student Login Zone; or whether it was purchased by a Company in the form of a Training Voucher via the Novtel Company Zone.

7. Cancellations

  1. Course enrolments and training vouchers cannot be cancelled once payment was made.
  2. Novtel reserves the right to cancel an online course if there is insufficient demand. Learners who have already registered and paid, will be able to complete their course/s within the 90 days access granted.

8. Course Delivery Method

  1. Novtel's e-learning courses consist of either a series of short training videos which are viewed online via streaming video; e-files such as PDF documents; or a combination of both, all presented in English.
  2. Course videos consist of visual effects, software demonstrations (where applicable) and English audio.
  3. Online self-assessment quizzes (as applicable) have been developed to assist the user in testing his level of knowledge concerning a specific training module before moving on to the next. Results of self-assessment quizzes do not contribute to or have an effect on the final pass mark.
  4. Applicable Sage Pastel training courses are supported by an original printed training manual, issued by Sage Pastel, a division of Sage (Pty) Ltd, which will be dispatched to the learner by Novtel. Only one training manual per course will be issued. For re-issue of manuals, please refer to clause 5(n) of this Agreement.
  5. A final online exam applies to each course. Certification depends on whether you successfully pass the exam according to the terms and conditions either set out in this Agreement (applicable to Novtel exams); or the terms and conditions set out by Sage Pastel (applicable to Sage Pastel final assessments).

9. Course Partaking and Support

  1. Learners’ access to the course content and student support forum expires exactly 90 consecutive days after the date on which the learner/Company purchased that particular course. The learner is required to complete and view all training videos, e-file documents, self-assessment quizzes, final online assessment/s and any additional exam attempts purchased, before the course expiry date.
  2. No extension of course access periods will be permitted for any reason. No allowances will be made if you go away on holiday or go away for work. The course access period is clearly stated as 90 days (or 6 months if purchasing a Course Bundle) from the date of purchase and agreed by you as such upon accepting this Agreement. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to complete the course within this time frame.
  3. Novtel reserves the right to provide academic support to learners via an online Student Support forum only. Novtel's training consultants will provide the necessary support by responding to queries online or via e-mail, for the duration of the learner’s course access period within our office hours: Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 – 17:00 (South African time).
  4. Novtel reserves the right to disable an active User account and thereby halting any course partaking, access and support if any fraudulent or illegal activity, as described in this Agreement, is suspected.
  5. For registration, payment and technical support or queries, please e-mail us at training@novtel.com

10. Final Novtel Certification Course Exams

  1. The learner will receive two free attempts in which to pass a Novtel Certification exam within his/her course access period.
  2. If the first two exam attempts are unsuccessful, the learner will be able to purchase an additional and final two Novtel exam attempts at an additional fee, which will need to be purchased and completed within the remainder of the Leaner’s course access period as per clause 5(l).
  3. Course access periods are not extended as a result of additional exam attempts purchased, or for any other reason whatsoever.
  4. All free and/or purchased exam attempts will expire at the end of the Learner’s course access period. If at the time of course expiry the learner has not yet passed or written his Novtel exam, the Learner will have the option of enrolling for this course again.
  5. This exam must be completed online within 2,5 hours. Once time has elapsed, your answers will be submitted automatically.
  6. The learner will not be able to stop and start the exam to continue at a later time.
  7. The learner will write this exam online and will therefore require uninterrupted internet access for at least two and a half consecutive hours. If internet connection was lost and time has not yet elapsed, the user will be able to log in and continue to write the exam immediately.
  8. An exam result of at least 75% is required to pass.
  9. On completion of the Novtel exam, the learner will receive the results immediately on-screen.
  10. Once successfully passed, a Novtel Certificate will be available to download, save and/or print immediately for the remainder of the learner’s course access period. No hard copies will be issued.
  11. Penalty fees will apply to the re-issue of a Novtel Certificate.
  12. No request for changes to personal details will be accepted once the exam was completed.
  13. Novtel does not accept liability for incorrect details or student fraud.

11. Sage Pastel Website, Course Material and Assessments

By accepting this Agreement, you understand that the use of the Sage Pastel website; the Sage Pastel Partner Educational Software disc; the printed Sage Pastel training manual; the writing of an online Sage Pastel course assessment via www.pastel.co.za; and the issue of a Course Certificate by Sage Pastel upon successful completion of such an assessment, are subject to the terms and conditions as prescribed by Sage Pastel, a division of Sage (Pty) Ltd.

12. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

  1. Limitation of Liability. You agree that Novtel will not be liable for any damages that you or any third party might suffer that relate to or arise from this Agreement, whether or not anyone anticipated or should have anticipated that the damages would occur. The excluded damages include direct damages, as well as indirect or consequential damages (such as loss of profits, business, goodwill, revenue or anticipated savings).
  2. Indemnity. You agree to indemnify and hold Novtel harmless in respect of any claim that a third party might bring against us that relates to or arises from this Agreement.
  3. This indemnity includes claims arising from accesses to your online Novtel Account without your consent.
  4. This indemnity also includes all liability or loss that we might suffer as a result of a claim, including legal costs on the scale as between attorney and own client and any additional legal costs.

13. Quality Control Policy

The Novtel Training Department, a division of the Novtel Group, continually strives to develop, improve and provide the highest quality video training with the aim of exceeding our learners’ expectations. Our focus is on determining, understanding and converting our learner’s expectations into practical and captivating outputs, in accordance with applicable standards and statutory requirements, to continuously meet their training needs.

14. Customer Satisfaction Policy

Staying in touch with our learners is our primary method of determining and understanding our learners’ requirements and expectations, and we accomplish this objective through a multitude of channels. These communications and interactions ultimately yield clear, explicit requirements, enabling us to make improvements on an ongoing basis. It is important to us that each of our learner’s experience a satisfying training experience, and will we aim to resolve any and every grievance individually and fairly. For any feedback, suggestions or customer complaints, please e-mail training@novtel.com

15. Warranties: Courses and Content

Courses and their content are provided "as is” without representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, in respect of thereof, and in particular makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of the Course Content or the fitness of the Course Content for the purpose for which you acquired it.

16. Privacy Policy

All personal information obtained by Novtel during the registration process, shall be kept private and shall not be issued to a third party without your approval.