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Novtel Software | Daily Operator Course
Novtel Property Management

This web-based course is highly recommended and suitable for all employees (entry-level to Management) who operate Novtel Property Management software in their company.

Students will be guided through the various tasks associated with the responsibilities of a typical Daily Operator, of a company in which Novtel Property Management software is already in use.

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Beginner - Intermediate
6 Months Online
Educational Software
Certificate by Novtel
Dedicated student support
R 7 353

Why should you enrol for this course?

Novtel is the sole provider of certification training in Novtel® Software Products.

When issued by us, a Novtel Software Course Certificate will confirm the level of competency achieved by an employee in using the Novtel Software Product according to Novtel's standards and requirements. Obtaining Novtel Certification also assures an employer that the employee is confident in using the full potential of the software; and is therefore likely to deliver a significant return on investment back to their employer.

Our courses can be purchased, invoiced, activated and completed on-demand, directly from our website. However, if your company wishes to enroll two or more employees simultaneously, a request for a multi-registration discount can be submitted to us, prior to purchase (Ts & Cs apply).


Course Duration and Start Dates

A Learner can enroll and start this course at any time of the year.
Complete the course online via our website at a pace that suits your schedule, within a maximum access period of 6-months.


Who should enrol for this course?

This course is highly recommended for all individuals who operate Novtel Property Management software in their company.

In line with our ‘train the trainer’ principle, at least one key Novtel user in a company will be required to enrol for this course to obtain in-depth Beginner to Intermediate level software product training. All additional Novtel users in a company are encouraged to complete this course to ensure that a high level of user competency is maintained.

This course is suitable for:

  • New employees (entry-level individuals to senior Management) who have no prior knowledge of Novtel Property Management software
  • Existing employees (entry-level individuals to senior Management) who have had no formal training in Novtel Property Management software
  • Novtel System Administrators, System Supervisors and Novtel Consulting Agents, as a prerequisite for more advanced training

Course Prerequistes

To enroll for this entry-level course, the user will require:

  • A basic level of computer literacy
  • Access to a computer/laptop with Windows operating system
  • Access to the internet
  • A current e-mail account
  • A good command of English

(Knowledge of Sage Pastel/Evolution or Bookkeeping is not required.)

Dedicated Support by Novtel

Students will receive unlimited student support for this course during Novtel office hours, for the duration of their course access period.

Course Content

This course consists of 15 online learning Modules which are divided into various tasks, such as:

  • Read one or more theory document (PDF), providing step-by-step screenshots and process explanations
  • Do a practical activity, using your Novtel educational software (included)
  • Take an online self-assessment quiz, to test your knowledge of the Module completed

At the end of this course, successfully pass an online exam to achieve a Certificate of Competency in Novtel Property Management
Software, issued by Novtel.


Course Index

Module 01: User Login Learn how to log in and out of the Novtel Property Management system, using a secure user password created especially for you, by a Novtel System Administrator.
Module 02: Charges Learn about the various charges applicable to Property Management; and how to create, categorise, manage and view these billing items in Novtel.
Module 03: Tenants Learn about Tenants (i.e. the Customer); how to create, categorise, manage and view Tenant Master Files; and how to add an Occupant to a Tenant's Account, in Novtel.
Module 04: Suppliers Learn about Landlords and Service Providers (i.e. the Suppliers); and how to create, categorise, manage and view Supplier Master Files, in Novtel.
Module 05: Properties Learn about the various types of rental Properties (i.e. the Inventory); and how to create, categorise, manage and view Property Master Files, in Novtel.
Module 06: New Contracts (Long-term) Rental contracts are created for long-term and month-to-month Tenants only. For each month of the contract period, a reservation is automatically created in Novtel. Learn how to create a new contract, capture commission and escalations, add fixed charges and rates, capture and cancel a bank guarantee; and how to raise a deposit on the contract, in Novtel.
Module 07: Reserved Contracts (Long-term) Once a contract was created in Novtel, the contract reservation status will initially appear as 'Reserved'. Learn how to manage pending deposits due, capture a deposit payment to confirm the contract reservation; cancel a contract; and generate useful contract reports.
Module 08: Current Contracts (Long-term) Once the Tenant has taken occupation of the rental property, the Daily Operator will change the confirmed contract reservation status, to 'Current'. Learn how to prepare for and perform the monthly recurring billing process; how to set up related month-end invoice options; how to process account payments received; and how to generate receipts, in Novtel.
Module 09: Ending / Expired Contracts (Long-term) Learn how to generate helpful lists and reports to keep track of contract expiry and renewals; and how to determine which deposits have not yet been applied or refunded at the end of a contract term. Learn how to process a deposit refund and/or forfeiture; and how to terminate a fixed contract prior to the agreed end date, in Novtel.
Module 10: New Bookings (Short-term) As Guests are charged per day, rental contracts will not apply to short-term rentals. Learn how to make a short-term reservation and apply rates; how to add an additional charge, such as a refundable key deposit or housekeeping service, to the invoice; and how to raise a booking deposit due, in Novtel.
Module 11: Reserved Bookings (Short-term) Once created, a short-stay booking will display a 'Reserved' status until the booking deposit was paid by the Guest. Learn how to move, cancel or reinstate a reservation prior to receiving a deposit; and how to receipt a deposit paid by the Guest, to confirm the reservation in Novtel.
Module 12: Current Bookings (Short-term) Upon the Guest's arrival, the booking status will be changed to 'Current' to enable the invoicing feature, in Novtel. Learn how to prepare a Guest Arrivals Report; how to apply the booking deposit paid and invoice the Guest for the outstanding balance due; and how to process payments and receipts during check-in.
Module 13: Ending / Expired Bookings (Short-term) Upon the Guests' departure, a property inspection will usually take place to determine if any breakages or damages occured during their stay. Learn how to refund a refundable charge (e.g. key/damages deposit) and conclude a refund pay-out, in Novtel.
Module 14: Maintenance Property inspections (applicable to long- and short-term rentals) are performed to assess any incurred damages and maintenance required. Learn how maintenance is recorded in Novtel and billed directly to the liable party at a definite rate; or, how it can first be assessed and quoted for, before a work order is created and the damage is billed.
Module 15: Shift Cash-Up A Novtel Operator will be required to perform a cash-up at the end of every shift completed. Learn how to capture a money count of the daily takings; print cash-up reports and shift summaries; and how to close a shift, in Novtel.
Final Exam: Novtel Course Exam Congratulations on reaching the final stage of this course.Upon successful completion of this online exam, you will achieve certification in Novtel Property Management Software, confirming your competency as a beginner to intermediate level user in accordance with Novtel's standards and requirements.