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Sage Pastel (Course 1)
Bookkeeping Basics

Take the very first step on your journey to becoming competent in accounting software, such as Sage Pastel.

This online video short course is suitable for anyone who requires an introduction to the basic principles and concepts of Bookkeeping. Or, choose to simply refresh your understanding of Accounting acquired at school level, before continuing with training in Pastel Partner.

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3 Months Online
Step-by-step videos
Printed manual + data disc
Certificate by Sage Pastel
NQFL 1 FASSET Accredited
Dedicated student support
R 3 100

Course Duration and Start Dates

A Learner can enroll and start this course at any time of the year. Progress at a pace that suits your schedule from your home or office.

From registration straight through to certification, this course will be completed online within a 3 month period (or sooner) via Novtel's convenient web-based Student Portal. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you will be able to progress and complete the course in your own time, no matter where you are.


Who should enrol for this course?

The online Sage Bookkeeping Basics/Fundamentals video short course will suit you if:

  • You have no knowledge of Bookkeeping; or
  • You would like to refresh/improve your basic understanding of Accounting acquired at school level
  • You want to meet the prerequisite for potentially continuing with the Pastel Partner Intermediate Course
  • You would like to obtain Fasset Accredited Certification upon completion of the course
  • You are not able to attend classes; or you simply prefer completing your training online in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace


Course Content

This course consists of 12 online learning modules, including:

  • 12 Short step-by-step training videos, accessible online and offline via a complementary USB flash drive NEW!
  • 01 Printed Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals training manual, including activities and a data disc delivered via courier
  • 11 Interactive online self-assessment quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress through each learning module
  • 01 Pre-exam by Novtel
  • 01 Trial/mock exam to assist you when preparing for your final Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals assessment
  • 01 Final Exam written online from home, or at a suitable location available to you
  • 02 Course Certificates (issued electronically by Novtel for Bookkeeping Basics; and by Sage Pastel for Bookkeeping Fundamentals)

Dedicated Support by a Certified Trainer

Receive unlimited online and telephonic support by a certified Sage Pastel Trainer for the duration of your course access period, during Novtel office hours. When required, we can even arrange a remote support session via 'TeamViewer' to conveniently access and assist the learner online on their own computer.

Price Match Policy

Novtel's price matching guarantee allows you to buy your preferred Sage Pastel course with confidence. We want you to be able to choose a course based on the most effective and convenient course delivery method, quality of content, training aids and comprehensive support available; not price. Click here to learn more.

Course Index

Module 01: Course Introduction During this orientation Module, you will be given a brief demonstration of the course layout to help you complete this course with ease. This will be followed by a short overview of six types of business structures, which are recognized in most countries around the world.
Module 02: The Accounting Cycle Learn about the history of Accounting and how the traditional cycle of Accounting has since evolved into the modern, computerized Accounting cycles of today.
Module 03: Financial Transactions Learn more about the first step of the modern Cycle of Accounting, namely Financial Transactions; and the importance of original source documents.
Module 04: Analysing and Classifying Transactions In this crucial video, you will learn about the basic General Ledger categories, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet; T-Accounts; and the 5 Golden Rules of Accounting.
Module 05: The Double Entry Accounting System Once a financial transaction has taken place and a source document issued, learn how to determine which account should be debited; and which account should be credited.
Module 06: The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Learn more about the guiding rules which provide a basic framework for analysing and classifying transactions; and which prescribe the standards for financial reporting.
Module 07: Posting of Transactions To fully grasp the third step of the modern cycle of Accounting, namely Posting of Transactions, this video will elaborate on the manual steps relevant to this process.
Module 08: Value Added Tax (VAT) Learn more about Value Added Tax (VAT); and when it is payable by, or due to a Company. The effects of VAT in the books of a business will be illustrated in this video.
Module 09: Inventory (The Basics) Learn more about Periodic and Real-time Inventory Systems; and when using the latter, how the Assets and Cost of Sales accounts are affected each time Inventory is sold.
Module 10: Bookkeeping: Retail & Distribution Industry In this video, we will practice the T-Accounts of transactions relevant to the Retail and Distribution industry, in preparation for your first exam.
Module 11: Bookkeeping: Service Industry In this video, we will practice the T-Accounts of transactions relevant to the Service industry, in preparation for your first exam.
Module 12: Bookkeeping: Non-Profit Organisation In this video, we will practice the T-Accounts of transactions relevant to Non-Profit Organisations (NPO), in preparation for your first exam.
Pre-Exam: Novtel Certificate Test your knowledge of the online content completed thus far by writing the first Novtel exam, online from home. Upon completion, receive a non-accredited certificate of competency, issued by Novtel.
Review the Printed Training Manual Now that you have successfully completed all the online Learning Modules, you are now ready to shift your focus to the printed Sage Pastel training manual. The printed training manual provides a more theoretical approach; and will the printed content elaborate on the terminology and concepts applicable to the basics of bookkeeping.
Sage Trial / Mock Exam An optional trial exam is now available to you, should you wish to prepare for the type of questions that you can expect to receive in the final certification exam; which will be written online from the Sage Pastel website.
Final Exam: Sage Certificate Congratulations on reaching the final stage of this course! The Bookkeeping Fundamentals exam will be written online from the Sage Pastel website.

Course Access and Requirements

What prerequisites apply to the Bookkeeping Basics course?
This is a Beginner level course and therefore no prerequisites apply. This course is suited for anyone who has limited, or no prior knowledge of the Basics of Bookkeeping, or who wishes to refresh their knowledge of Bookkeeping acquired at school level.

(We do advise that a Learner is at least 16 years of age, in which case the online Terms & Conditions must be agreed to by the minor's parent or legal guardian.)
When are courses scheduled to start?
All our online courses are self-paced. This means that a learner can enrol and start at any time. Each learner's access to a course will be valid from the date of purchase. Once activated, you will be able to study and make progress at your own pace and according to your own time schedule within the course access period.
Is the course access period an indication of how long it will take to complete the course/s?
No. The course access period allocated to a specific course (e.g. 3 months) or Course Bundle (e.g. 6 months), is simply the amount of time the learner will have in which to complete the course/s before online access to the course material expires.

Learners can easily complete a course in a much shorter period of time depending on the learner's studying pace, ability to grasp the content; and how much available time is spent on working through the course material.
Can I complete a course from home, no matter where I live?
Yes. As our courses are produced and supported in an online format, you are able to complete the course from the comfort of your own home or office and from any country in the world, as long as you have access to the internet, a computer with audio capabilities and a current e-mail account.
Are any courses available in a language other than English?
No. All training content and online support are available in English only.
What do I need to be able to participate in an online course?
To participate in an online training course, a Learner must be at least 16 years of age and will be required to have the following:
  • Access to a computer with a CD/DVD drive and audio capabilities
  • Access to the internet, with a guaranteed connection speed of at least 2 Mbps
  • A current e-mail account
  • A basic level of computer & Maths literacy
  • A good command of the English language
  • A PDF reader installed on the device (such as Adobe Reader)
How do I access my course material?
Once a course is purchased and payment has been verified by us, you will be able to access the online course material immediately via our website by signing in to your Novtel Student account.

The student's supporting course material (e.g. printed training manual and USB drive, as applicable) will be dispatched via courier immediately.
Training videos - what can I expect?
Novtel's training videos can be viewed online via our website; or offline via a complimentary USB flash drive, for as many times as you wish within your course access period.

Novtel captures the core of a learning unit in each video it produces; with an average viewing time of approximately 10-15 minutes per video. By combining visual effects, software demonstrations (where applicable) and English audio in each of our training videos, we can offer Learners a convenient and captivating learning experience.

All our training videos were produced, tested and verified to play seamlessly at a high quality of 720p when a guaranteed internet connection speed of at least 2Mbps is maintained. For more information on the requirements for optimal viewing of videos online, please click here. However, if your internet connection speed does not allow for optimal viewing of your course videos online, simply view the videos offline from the complimentary USB flash drive provided.
What supporting documentation is provided when enroling for a course?
Soon after enroling for an accredited Sage Pastel video short course, an original printed Sage Pastel Training Manual, including a data disc and/or Sage Pastel Partner Educational software installation DVD, will be dispatched and delivered to you via courier.

These Training Manuals are used in conjunction with the course videos and are required when preparing for your final Sage Pastel online assessment/exam.

NEW! In addition to the above, the learner will now also receive a complimentary USB flash drive - containing the relevant course videos in mp4 fomat - for offline viewing during your course access period.
Do I need to submit any written assignments during an online course?
No written assignments are required during any of our online courses. A learner may however be required to complete self-assessment quizzes as he/she progresses through a course. These quizzes will be completed online and will not count towards the final pass mark.
Will I have to write an exam at the end of a course?
Yes. To achieve certification a learner will be required to write an exam before their course access period expires. All assessments are to be written online; and can therefore be completed from home; or at any location where access to the internet is available.
Will I be able to communicate with the Course Instructor during the course?
Of course! You will receive unlimited online and telephonic support by a certified Sage Pastel Trainer during your course access period within Novtel office hours. We can even arrange to assist you on your own computer by means of a remote support session via 'TeamViewer'. This free online application will allow us to provide a live demonstration, explanation or assistance no matter where you are.
Can I purchase this training course for an Employee on behalf of my Company?
Absolutely. When the Employee registers for their course online, they will simply select the 'Payment by Sponsor' payment option, which will allow a third party (e.g. employer, agency, spouse, etc) to receive a copy of the invoice and settle the payment on their behalf.